About the Ministry


Impartial and professional judiciary and public administration that justify the trust of citizens and the society at large, and contribute to their progress.
A judiciary accessible to everyone without distinction, which performs its function in line with the principles of the rule of law, is fully capable of functioning within the EU, and as such reflects the highest European standards. A citizen-oriented and innovation-driven public administration.


To ensure conditions for the quality functioning and further improvements of the judicial system of the Republic of Croatia, as well as to preserve its fundamental values.
To improve the performance of public administration, i.e. the efficiency and quality of public services provided to Croatian citizens and businesses, decentralisation and digitalisation.

The Ministry of Justice and Public Administration was established by the Act on the Organisation and Scope of State Administration Bodies (Official Gazette "Narodne novine" No. 85/20).
The Decree on the Internal Organisation of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration (NN 98/17) governs the internal organisation of the Ministry, names of administrative organisations and other internal organisational units as well as their scope, management, estimated number of required civil servants and other governmental employees, and other issues of particular significance for the functioning of the Ministry.