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Ministry of Justice and Public Administration – Probation Sector
European Strategies Consulting / Romania
Brief project description:
The project "Virtual reality in the context of treatment skills" is aimed at joint designing of digital tools and methods for the training of probation officers (in Croatia) and correctional treatment officers (in Romania) through the development of virtual reality software. Through project activities, we will train officers in virtual reality situations, enabling them to acquire, practice and improve their skills in dealing with convicts in everyday professional situations.  
Project objectives:
1. Strengthening of the capacity and quality of the probation service
2. Development of new, innovative digital tools in the field of work with offenders
3. Strengthening of the knowledge and competencies of probation officers
4. Improvement of probationers' competitiveness, competencies and motivation to change
Total project value:
60,000.00 EUR
Implementation period:
01/04/2022 – 30/09/2023
Goran Brkić,