Strengthening human rights protection and public safety by improving the capacities of the Croatian probation service

Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021



Project Promoter:
Ministry of Justice and Public Administration – Directorate for Prison System and Probation

Donor project partner:
Norwegian Correctional Services
Short description:
The project consists of four components: Permanent implementation of electronic monitoring in the Republic of Croatia, Upgrading Probation Service’s material and technical working conditions, Improving tools for the enforcement of correctional measures and sentences, and Strengthening cooperation between prison and probation system. 

Main objective:
Improving correctional services

Total project value:
2,099,216.00 €

1,784,333.60 €

Implementation period:
09/06/2020 – 09/06/2023 (36 months)

Contact person:
Mr Goran Brkić,