Data collection on the performance of procedures concerning restructuring, insolvency and discharge of debt

Technical Support Instrument

Beneficiary: Ministry of Justice and Public Administration (MJPA)

Project objective: implementation of the insolvency data collection and monitoring system that shall enable comprehensive assessment of the insolvency framework and its impact. The project shall clearly outline the optimal model for data collection and monitoring system, identifying the needed changes to business processes and regulation to establish clear roles and responsibilities, and finally functional data collection and monitoring system solution. 
Short description: The MJPA received support to address the identified shortcomings of the Croatian insolvency framework towards meeting the requirements of EU Directive on Restructuring and Insolvency and ultimately improve the efficiency of court proceedings. Building on the recommendations on the reform of the framework governing insolvency practitioners from a previous SRSS project, this Project focuses on designing the data collection and monitoring system on restructuring and insolvency procedures.

This will be achieved through process mapping to identify as-is state and define business, data and regulatory requirements and design data management solution for data management. The project should lead to a reliable and resilient infrastructure of the MJPA. Efficient interoperability and data exchange will be enabled at the level of the MJPA and relevant stakeholders that is closely interlinked with newly implemented Directive on Restructuring.

The project is funded by the European Union under the Technical Support Instrument, in cooperation with the Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support of the European Commission. 

Implementation period: 25/08/2021 -  24/04/2023 (18+2 months)
Contact person: Mr Damjan Saridžić,