Integrated Land Administration System Project (ILAS)

Integrated Land Administration System Project

On 20 December 2018, the Republic of Croatia (Borrower) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (Bank) concluded the Loan Agreement for the Integrated Land Administration System Project (ILAS Project) Additional Financing implemented jointly by the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration (MoJPA) and State Geodetic Administration (SGA).

The Integrated Land Administration System Project is aimed at modernising the land administration system in order to improve State administration services in terms of efficiency, transparency and cost decrease, improvement of services, and reduction of time required to register properties, all for the purpose of increasing the trust of users in the system.

Project components

The Project is divided into the following four components:
  1. Land Registration System Development

    1. Procurement of hardware and software for the MoJ in order to store and manage the scanned data.
    2. Technical preparation and renovation of the building (including work supervision) for establishing the Central archive of land books of the RoC.
    3. Procurement of the scanning equipment for all LROs so that all incoming documents could be scanned upon arrival and uploaded into the JIS.
    4. Technical preparation and renovation of the building (including work supervision) in order to move Zagreb LRO.
    5. Support to LROs for the purpose of improving their operational efficiency.
  1. Spatial Information and Cadastre System Modernisation

    1. Scanning and indexing cadastral documents by providing works, goods and consultancy services; preparation of a study on the SGA digital archival system optimisation; and procurement of the equipment for the SGA DCCs.
    2. Renovation completion of the SGA Regional Cadastral Office in Sisak; upgrade to the SGA data centre in order to ensure work continuity in case of electricity blackout; improvement of the SGA HR Management System and support to cadastral offices by offering consultancy services.
    3. SGA Control Centre upgrade for the Croatian Positioning System (CROPOS), procurement of equipment and software.
    4. Standardising various forms of utility elaborates in line with the newly designed utility cadastre; collecting initial inputs for the building register; preparation of documents required for procuring the building register system; and development of the cartographic database.
  1. Improving Digital Services

    1. Cadastral field works; public displays of the data of cadastral surveys and cadastral and land registry data harmonisation.
    2. Development of new e-services and changes to business processes.
  1. Project management, training and public awareness

    1. Support to the PIU during the Project implementation by delivering goods and providing consultancy services in the area of training and operational costs, including audits.
    2. Implementation of annual training programs for the SGA and the MoJPA staff.
    3. Better public awareness regarding registration of real properties and reform of the land registration and cadastre system as well as user satisfaction surveys.

The MoJPA is responsible for implementing Project Component A, the SGA is responsible for implementing Component B while the implementation of components C and D is joint. 


Project funds

The allocated loan amount is EUR 19,700,000.

The Project closing date is 16 January 2024.