Call for public consultations

on Environmental and Social Management Plan Checklists (ESMP Checklists), Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP) and Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP).

Works are financed from the World Bank loan as the part of the Justice for Business Project

The publication of documents (Environmental and Social Commitment Plan, ESMP Checklists, Stakeholders Engagement Plan) is an integral part of the project preparation process according to World Bank (Environment and Social Affairs) policies. The same procedure was applied when contracting previous Ministry of Justice projects funded by the WB.

The Justice for Business Project (Just-B) main objective is to increase the overall quality of regulatory procedures as well as efficiency of the judiciary services in Croatia. The project has two components. Component 1 is related to improving the business environment and the quality and the efficiency of judicial services, which are expected to reduce the administrative burden for businesses to interact with government. Component 2 is an investment component that will finance improvements in the justice sector infrastructure management, including the rehabilitation and renovation of selected court facilities. This is expected to contribute to improved quality of judicial services to businesses and other users.

ESMP Checklists present Project’s environmental assessment and management documents which result from the due diligence process of project activities and are based on the requirements of World Bank’s Environmental and Social Framework (ESF). The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia is publicly disclosing and consulting this document in line with the World Bank access to information policy.

Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) document ensures that stakeholder engagement is conducted on the basis of timely, relevant, understandable, and accessible information. It includes a Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) which will allow stakeholders, beneficiaries, and employees working on the project to review and provide their views on the information related to planned renovation works and raise any potential concerns.

Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP) is a roadmap to mandatory environmental and social measures and actions implementation in the course of Project implementation, agreed between the World Bank and the Republic of Croatia.
Environmental and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP) and Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) for the Project as a whole, and ESMP Checklists for works in Zagreb, Kutina and Vinkovci, will be available to public in electronic as well as hard copy from 17th to 31st of January 2020 on Ministry of Justice web site as well as at the premises of MoJ at the following address: Ulica grada Vukovara 49, 10000 Zagreb  

The documents stated above are a tool for identification and engagement and solicit feedback by different stakeholders on the project and sub-project level but as well as to identify and manage social and environmental risks and impacts from the project and proposing appropriate mitigation measures for implementation during the project realization.

During the consultation period the public is welcomed to send comments, questions and suggestions to MoJ by electronic or regular post to the following addresses: