State Secretary Salapić attends OECD Riga Global Access to Justice Roundtable

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State Secretary Josip Salapić is participating in the two-day OECD Global Access to Justice Roundtable, taking place in Riga, Latvia, on 21-23 September.

Participating in the dialogue on the strengthening of democracy and the rule of law through a citizen-centred justice system, the State Secretary pointed out that Croatia, like many other Member States, is concerned about the low percentage of public trust in the justice system.

The Croatian Government has therefore been taking a number of measures to increase the efficiency of the judiciary and restore citizens' confidence in the judicial system.

He highlighted the activities carried out under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. Those activities, the State Secretary highlighted, are aimed at increasing the efficiency of the judiciary, speeding up proceedings, reducing the backlog of cases and investing in the digitalisation of the justice system.

"Croatia has been implementing a number of measures in the anti-corruption field. We have adopted a new Anti-Corruption Strategy, a new Whistleblower Protection Act, and are currently drafting the Lobbying Act to regulate the area of lobbying for the first time ever in Croatia", Mr Salapić said.