Further improvement of the monitoring of administrative procedures and decision-making (ZUP III)

Beneficiary: Ministry of Justice and Public Administration
The ZUP IT system (ZUPGeneral Administrative Procedure Act, GAPA), developed under projects “Support to the implementation of the General Administrative Procedure Act (GAPA)” and “Development and implementation of the IT system for supervision of the General Administrative Procedure Act”, is a unique application system for monitoring and supervising administrative procedures, which includes functionalities for the collection and analysis of data on administrative procedures, thus meeting the prerequisites for standardisation, more efficient administrative procedures and better quality of public services in Croatia.
The general objective of the project is to improve the monitoring of administrative procedures and decision-making in public administration by upgrading the existing ZUP IT system, increasing the number of users and enhancing the skills and competencies of civil servants and employees in public services, all this for the purpose of further optimisation of administrative procedures for the benefit of citizens. Project activities also envisage the development of a functionality which will enable natural and legal persons, parties in administrative procedures, to monitor the status of their cases. Specifically, by connecting the ZUP IT system with the e-Citizens system, information on specific stages in procedure will be delivered to citizens' user mailboxes.

Total project value: 4,181,219.22 HRK
Grant: 4,181,219.22 HRK
Grant Agreement date: 10 December 2020
Implementation period: 01/11/2020 – 30/04/2023
Contact: Ms Mirjana Kobešćak, ZUP@mpu.hr

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund.
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