Construction works proceeding satisfactorily, changes to project documentation necessary (30/06/2021)

The works are progressing at a slower pace and the contractual deadline, as one of the essential elements of the Construction Contract according to the valid Construction Act, has been extended in Annex 1 to the Contract until 8 September 2021. Although at a slower pace, the works are proceeding satisfactorily, taking into account the necessary changes in the project documentation, which will require a change in the valid building permit.

Based on the subsequent request of the Client (Ministry of Justice and Administration), and due to the possibility of expanding the capacity of the court building under reconstruction, a positive response was received from the competent city institutions to the preliminary design developed by the chief designer which defines construction of an additional floor (third floor) of the court building and, in accordance with the above, the issuance of a new location permit.
The main design for the construction of the third floor was prepared, and on 8 June 2021 a request was submitted to amend the building permit for reconstruction, extension, upgrade and conversion of the building at Gundulićeva 27, Split for the Municipal Court of Split.
56.37% of the total contracted financial budget of the project was financially realized (after increasing the Contracted amount by signing Annex 1 to the Contract) taking into account all contracting participants, which corresponds to the actual state of work performed and project realization.

The total value of the works according to the basic Contract and Annex I of the Contract is appoximately 4.96 million EUR (excluding VAT).
The total value of the works realized so far (including the XII temporary situation) is appoximately 2.79 million EUR (excluding VAT). /