Probation service

The probation service is a professional and specialised service within the criminal justice system, which supervises criminal offenders on conditional liberty and provides them with community support while reducing costs and the risk of recidivism.

Our mission

Protection of the public and reduction of the risk of recidivism through rehabilitation and social reintegration of offenders.

Structure of probation service in Croatia

A Probation Sector is organised within the Prison System and Probation Directorate of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration, which consists of the Central Office and 14 probation offices.

Probation offices are responsible for one or more counties.

In each probation office, there is a head of office, probation officers and an administrative officer.

Probation officers are civil servants authorised to perform probation tasks prescribed by the Probation Act.

The Probation Act stipulates that probation tasks must be performed by probation officers, i.e. civil servants educated in the fields of social pedagogy, social work, psychology, legal sciences and, exceptionally, other social sciences and humanities.

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