Project: „Reform of civil status registries in Croatia using advanced technological solutions as a precondition for a modern and agile public service“

Technical Support Instrument (TSI)
Beneficiary: Ministry of Justice and Public Administration
Project objective: to raise the level of data quality in civil status registries (registry of births, registry of marriages, registry of deaths, citizenship registry and life partnership registry), in the sense of converting descriptive data into structured data and interlinking them, as well as raising the quality of service provision to citizens and entrepreneurs as well as public law bodies by using an information system in which the civil status data, currently divided into five different registries, are integrated in a single registry based on the once-only principle.
Brief project description: Bearing in mind that data from civil registries are the basis for all services using citizens’ data in any way which are provided by public law bodies as well as by the private sector, it is urgent to address data mismatches, transform handwritten notes into machine-readable text and create a new integrated register in which all data will be entered only once. The data entered will thus also be up-to-date and accurate in other records and documents derived from civil registration.

A further objective of this project is to gain experience in the use of artificial intelligence and the standardisation and development of methodology for other registers.
Other state authorities participating in the project:
- Central State Office for the Development of Digital Society
- Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration
- Ministry of the Interior
- State Geodetic Administration
- Croatian Health Insurance Fund
- Croatian Pension Insurance Institute.
The project is funded by the European Union from the Technical Support Instrument, in cooperation with the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support. 
Start of the project: January 2024 (implementation period: 18 months)
Contact person: Terezija Marić,