Minister Malenica at EUPAN Ministarial Meeting in Ghent

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Minister of Justice and Public Administration Ivan Malenica participated in the EUPAN ministerial meeting held in Ghent on 26-27 February under the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

The event is an informal meeting of EU ministers of public administration.

The ministers discussed the challenges and prospects in human resource management, the well-being of civil servants and employees in public administration, public policy making based on scientific data, the attractiveness of the public sector and the role of AI in the delivery of public services.

In his presentation, Minister Malenica pointed out that quality human resources management is the basis for the efficiency of public administration and better public services.

“The Government of the Republic of Croatia has implemented significant reform processes in the field of public administration. We have introduced a new wage system, which, in addition to wage increases for 240 thousand employees in the public sector, includes a new merit-based performance appraisal system. Performance results thus become the main criterion for promotion in the public administration system. In addition, we have been introducing a new centralised recruitment system in the state administration that will be more transparent and objective”, he said.