Minister Malenica: Renewal of 18 cadastral municipalities in Zadar County is underway

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On 26 March, Minister of Justice and Public Administration Ivan Malenica and Minister of Regional Development and EU Funds Šime Erlić met with Jadranka Nižić-Peroš, the judge in charge of judicial administration at the Municipal Court in Zadar.

The topic of the meeting was the action plan for land registry renewal in Zadar County. 

Minister Malenica highlighted that the renewal of 18 cadastral municipalities in Zadar County was underway, and for 16 others everything was ready to start the renewal process.

He pointed out that the Ministry had addressed the the issues of up-to-dateness and efficiency of the land registry at the Municipal Court in Zadar by approving the recruitment of 9 new judicial officials and allocating funds for the payment of overtime work, and a portion of the caseload was transferred to municipal courts in Novi Zagreb and Šibenik.

“We have amended the Land Registry Act so that it would be possible to entrust part of the renewal process to notaries public precisely in Zadar County, which is where we are starting the pilot project by entrusting the renewal work for two cadastral municipalities in Zadar to a notary public”, said the Minister.

Minister Malenica also stressed the goal to speed up the procedures as much as possible as Zadar County accounts for almost 25 % of the overall land registry renewals in Croatia.

“Municipalities and cities are highly interested in this in order to regulate property relations and withdraw EU funds. It is our priority to complete the process by the end of the year”, the Minister concluded.