Victim and witness support departments in courts

Victim and witness support departments have been established in seven county courts with the aim to support victims of crimes and relieve their stress in situations such as giving testimony and appearing in court, i.e. to:
  • provide emotional support to victims/witnesses before, during and after the proceedings,
  • provide victims, witnesses and their family members with information on their rights and other practical information,
  • provide information on the stages of criminal and misdemeanour proceedings,
  • enable victims and witnesses to wait in a separate room,
  • accompany victims and witnesses during their testimony, 
  • offer referral to specialised institutions depending on the specific needs of victims, witnesses and accompanying persons (family members, guardians)
  • deliver recommendations and provide the required data about the victim's needs at the request of the bodies that are conducting an individual needs assessment. 

The purpose of the departments is to prevent situations where witnesses and victims are left to themselves, without any information on what to expect and who to turn to for help. 

Anyone who is a victim or a witness may visit a Victim and Witness Support Department in one of the seven locations or contact it by telephone or email.

Volunteering at victim and witness support departments