Project ePIC - Electronic Public Identification Croatia - engl

Grant Agreement: INEA/CEF/ICT/A2017/1433492
No: 2017-HR-IA-0019

Financial agency, acting Project Coordinator, organized the first visibility event of the ePIC – Electronic Identification Croatia project funded by Connecting Europe Facility EU Programme. The public presentation of the project was held on May 16, 2018 at the House of Europe in Zagreb, Croatia.

The overall goal of the ePIC project is to promote the uptake and speed up the use of eID Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) among EU/EEA citizens and public entities established in Croatia. Objectives of the project are:
  • integration of the eID DSI in the existing public e-services in Croatia by meeting the requirements of the eIDAS regulation (EU) No 910/2014 in order to accept eIDs issued in any Member State.
  • integration of eIDAS compliant public e-services with National Identification and Authentication System (NIAS) integrated with national eIDAS-Node in order to enable attributes to be associated with electronic identities for cross-border use through the eIDAS node while enhancing the service provided to the citizens;
  • training of relevant stakeholders and dissemination of project results through the workshops and multimedia materials in order to inform EU/EEA citizens, local and regional authorities, public bodies, diplomatic missions and consular offices to Croatia, as well as private sector bodies about possibilities for EU/EEA citizens to access e-services in Croatia by using their own electronic identification means issued in any EU/EEA country according to eIDAS.

By meeting these objectives e-services will be more secure, convenient and certain in cross-border exchange of electronic identification and the Republic of Croatia will increase its potential for cross-border interoperability of NIAS.

Croatian consortium that will work on achieving the objectives consists of the following institutions:
  1. Financijska agencija (Financial Agency) (FINA) as project coordinator and partners:
  2. Ministarstvo unutarnjih poslova (Ministry of the Interior) (MUP)
  3. Ministarstvo mora, prometa i infrastrukture (Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure) (MMPI)
  4. Ministarstvo pravosuđa (Ministry of Justice) (MP)
  5. Ministarstvo graditeljstva i prostornog uređenja (Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning) (MGIPU)
  6. Narodne novine d.d. (Official Gazette p.l.c.) (NN)

Partnering institutions will customize their e-services in order to be compliant with the elDAS requirements and integrate the services with Croatian National Identification and Authentication System (NIAS) to enable attributes to be associated with electronic identities for cross-border use through the elDAS node. In other words, EU/EEA citizens will be able to access the following Croatian pubic electronic services:
  • Construction e-Permit service - online submission of requests for issuing construction permit requiring no physical presence in Croatia and/or documentation preparation and sending;
  • Land Register service – requesting and gathering official Land Register excerpt in electronic form over the internet;
  • Starting a business online - establishment of a new company online without needing to personally visit court in Croatia;
  • Compliances in the procedures in jurisdiction of Ministry of the Interior - possibility for one parent to, according to Croatian law, give his/her compliance to other parent to finish process of issuing identification documents for their child (e.g. IC card or passport) or to change child’s address of permanent residence;
  • eNautika - enabling EU/EEA citizens to buy a vignette, to report data changes in the Register of Boats and Register of Yachts, to report crew list during boat/yacht departure, and to register technical inspection of the boat and yacht;
  • ePomorac – enabling EU/EEA citizens to apply for exams for Maritime professions as well as to apply for exams and to obtain license for operators of pleasure crafts;
  • Electronic Public Procurement Service for publishing procurement notices and processing public procurement proceedings.

ePIC project officially started on May 2, 2018 and expected finalization of the project is August 6, 2019.

Total budget of the ePIC project is EUR 505,406 and the CEF contribution of 75% of the eligible costs shall be of EUR 379,055.