Integrated Land Administration and Justice Services Project

The activities of the Integrated Land Administration and Justice Services Project (hereinafter: Project) build upon the achievements of previously funded Word Bank projects aiming at the development objectives of increased digitization, institutional integration, and improved services for citizens.
The proposed implementing agencies of the Project are the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration (MoJPA) and the State Geodetic Administration (SGA).
The total value of the proposed project is 110 million euros.
The Project Development Objective is to improve functional integration of land administration and court institutions to enhance services for citizens. In order to reach the development objectives the Project will include 5 components.
Component A. Integrated Digital Land Registry and Court Services will finance activities that will support the digitization and integration of land registry court data and services.
Component B: Integrated Digital Services of State Registers and Geospatial data will support enhanced geospatial data. Data from about two-thirds of counties in Croatia are not yet included in the infrastructure cadaster. Mapping and recording the location of infrastructure supports land use planning.
Component C: Further Digital Integration of Land Register and Cadaster includes enhancements to the JIS and One Stop Shop (OSS), such as: (i) improving data quality and maintenance; (ii) recording of real property prices; (iii) simplifying online access to land records; (iv) upgrading of mobile apps (My Properties); (v) simplifying the process of recording construction rights; (vi) further digitization of cadaster processes; and (vii) extension of JIS access to lawyers.
Component D: Integrated Court, Land registry Offices (LRO) and Cadaster offices (CO) Infrastructure will provide construction of court, registry and cadaster infrastructure to international and EU standards to support improved service delivery.
Component E: Institutional capacity building, policy analysis, and Project Management will support Project Implementation Unit (PIU) operations and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) activities. It will also finance capacity building programs and the implementation of public awareness campaigns and customer satisfaction surveys.

Any further information and documentation is available on the Croatian version of the webpage dedicated to Integrated Land Administration and Justice Services Project.