Justice for Business Project (J4B)

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the Bank) and the Republic of Croatia (RoC) have agreed a EUR 100 million loan (approx.110 million USD) to finance the Justice for Business Project (JUST-B).

The Justice for Business Project has two components:

Component 1 is a results-based component that supports implementation of interventions which are expected to reduce the administrative burden for businesses in their interaction with government.

Component 2 combines results-based financing to support improvements in the delivery of justice services with emphasis on those provided to businesses, with direct investment supporting the rehabilitation and renovation of judicial authorities in selected court facilities (Municipal Civil Court in Zagreb, Municipal Court in Vinkovci, Municipal Court in Kutina, County Court/Municipal Court/Commercial Court and County Attorney's Office in Varaždin), for better onsite court performance. Additionally, support will be provided to project management for the implementation of the results-based financing interventions.

The World Bank loan will finance both the results-based interventions as well as the direct investments.

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