Notification of offender’s release

Before an offender is released from pre-trial detention, the police will notify the victim thereof. 

Before an offender serving a prison sentence for a crime against sexual freedom and morality, crime against life and health or a crime with elements of violence is released from prison, the Ministry of Justice, Public Administration and Digital Transformation​ will notify their victim, the injured party or their family of the date of the offender’s normal or conditional release.

All the information necessary can be obtained from the Service for Victim and Witness Support of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration via email:
Should I do anything after receiving a notification of the release of the offender?
If the offender threatens your safety in any way after release, seek the help of the police, who can protect you physically, by taking precautionary/protective measures or informing the competent court that released the offender, asking the court to impose adequate measures to protect you.